Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Lengths Anti-Gun Activists Will Go To

The CSGV has long used libel and intimidation to try and silence firearm advocates.

Politicians have tried to sneak anti-gun language into child protection bills , sexual assault bills and in midnight/lame duck meetings.

But now they're taking it into the realm of criminal activity. I have been informed that a local level pro-firearm organization has been the victim of numerous attempted DOS attacks against computer systems, websites and even cell services.None of them have succeeded  beyond being easily fixed annoyances however.(ha ha)

These are the lengths that PuSH'ers, those who are ANTI-gun, (let's be realistic) will take the fight.  They are so consumed w/ their cause that they will go to any lengths to attack, demonize and silence firearm owners under the 'end justify the means' mentality of true fanatics. They don't care about anything but getting rid of guns and will do anything to achieve it.

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