Friday, January 4, 2013

IL Gun Ban Round II

The State House reconvenes Sunday at 5pm and according to both the ISRA and GSL, the word is that Speaker Madigan will reach behind him and start throwing the same kind of crap that we just saw State Senate. Acevedo has already filed an amendment to a juvenile detention bill. SB2899 to allow emergency purchases by the ISP to get a system capable of registering firearms and magazines as well as another AWB/magazine ban.  This is in response to Todd Vandermyde's testimony the other day

That's right. Sunday at 5pm. When they hope people aren't paying attention and there's a decreased chance for organized opposition. Well they're going to be wrong again. MAKE YOUR CALLS PEOPLE!!! If the lines are full, send an email. Pay them a visit in Springfield or go to their district offices. 

They keep proving over and over that the only way gun control can survive is through deception, lies or deceit and the people that push it are knowing lowlifes and fanatics.

UPDATE:  From IL-GUNLOBBY2pm hearing on Sunday in the House Judicary committee.

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1 comment:

drjim said...

Thanks for fighting The Good Fight back in my original home state of Illinois.

Next, I fear, will be my current home state of The People's Republik of Kaliforniastan.

I think this will finally be the last straw if this "legislation" is allowed to pass.

Stand by for CWII.