Sunday, January 6, 2013

Illinois Gun Bills: Not Done Yet

Today the State House is re-convening.

 From IL-Gunlobby:
SB-2899 HA#1 makes this bill the newest version of a semi-auto ban, magazine ban and registration bill.

Looks like a 2pm hearing on Sunday in the House Judicary committee.
  Here is the link for a witness slip for opposition to HB2899.

From what I've been told, all the phone mailboxes are full so go back on faxes, emails and (if you're able) personal visits to Springfield and district offices.  

The bills in the Senate are not done yet.  Kotowski is waiting for a few more allies to show up so he can call the bill onto the floor for a vote. 

And I haven't even had time to hit up the BS that's happening federally.

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mikee said...

Illinois is under court order to implement a non-ban on carrying weapons within just a few months. How does that play out with this idiocy going on?

Thirdpower said...

As of right now, nothing yet. They have the 180 days but most are assuming Chicago/Illinois will appeal and get a stay.
Other ideas I've heard is they'll try and attach amendments similar to this crap to any CCW bill that comes down the pipe.

If nothing happens, I believe we go Constitutional Carry..