Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Note the Qualifier

From Ladd Everitt, head mouthpiece of the fanatic organization CSGV:
 Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said teachers groups have made clear they do not want educators armed.
'Teachers Groups".  IOW the left wing, anti-gun unions.  Now when presented w/ an opportunity to defend themselves and get training, what is the response from individual teachers?
 In Utah, nearly 200 teachers came out to receive free firearm training. In Ohio, a pilot program to teach teachers how to use guns is at capacity.
The TEACHERS want it.  The 'teacher groups' don't.

I know who I would listen to.

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Chas said...

Teachers can choose between being gunlessly jumping in front of bullets only to die along with their children, or shooting back and saving their own lives as well as the lives of their children. Apparently, the idea of pointlessly running into a madman's bullets doesn't have much appeal with individual teachers, despite strong support for the concept from extremely left-leaning, teacher's unions.

Chas said...

Maybe the teachers' unions could organize support for their position by offering training for teachers in how to be able to jump in front of bullets more effectively.
Perhaps some physical conditioning so that they can get in front of the bullets faster, or training them to flail their arms to get the mass murderer's attention better? Maybe even give them little white flags that they could wave in each hand so they could be killed faster?
I really think that the teachers' unions should do more for their teachers. If getting people in gun-free school zones killed is their collective goal between them, then shouldn't the teacher's unions help to get teachers and their students killed more efficiently? As is, with no training, teachers have to make do in these situations by improvising. Wouldn‘t training help to implement this policy better?
Perhaps gun owners could assist the teachers’ unions by giving teachers little, white flags on sticks, with instructions to wave them in the event of an attack by a mass murderer.
Guns are not an option for teachers according to the teachers’ unions, however, teachers will be allowed to wave a little white flag, if they aren’t doing so already.

Robert Fowler said...

In Austin Texas, there were 400 slots opened up for free training for teachers. All 400 were filled in less than 24 hours.

Sorry gun haters, you lose.

John Hardin said...

Always remember: Teacher's Unions are not there to advocate for the children.