Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sh!t is Thrown Against the Wall in Illinois

They are going for anything and everything they can and seeing what sticks. In typical scum-like fashion they're adding it as amendments to a sexual assault bill.

Synopsis by TBFKASIH

Text of the main bill  HB1263. Read the Amendments.

Text of the HB0815 Bill

File witness slips here.

So, I was just being paranoid by believing anti's want to ban guns, right?

Listening to the Committee meeting audio, they're trying to compare legal gun ownership to illegal drugs and owning anti-aircraft missiles while trying to ban pump action shotguns.  Still talking about '50 cal rifles' shooting down airplanes. They couldn't even recognize the difference between a firearm and a gun stock. "Did you get permission to bring in that weapon?"  "This isn't a weapon, it's a stock."

Colleen Daley from the Joyce Puppet ICAHV gave the standard fabricated talking points including VPC generated statistics. Her money quote:   "Banning these dangerous weapons is a good first step ..."

A 'Public Health' expert uses lots of statistics confusing 'homicide' and 'firearms' neglecting that Chicago has 5x the homicide rate of the rest of the state and the strictest gun laws.

Todd Vandermyde:  "Firearm owners are being treated like sexual predators".

Sen. Kotowski:  " I don't see what 'law-abiding' gun owners have to fear in this bill" (Yes, Kotowski is this stupid)  He even admits that there's no way the ISP could implement the law w/ all the registrations required but 'We'll figure it out'."Once we get the bill implemented we'll get that all figured out.

But here's what it's all about.  "We want the information"

They want to know were we live and what we own so they can come and get it when they decide to change the law again. 

These people are ignorant pieces of shit.  Both bills are heading to the floor. All the Chicago Dems (6) voted for it. The 4 token Repubs against.

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Erin Palette said...

I think it's about time the rest of Illinois seceded from Chicago.

Chas said...

"Still talking about '50 cal rifles' shooting down airplanes."

All those .50's out there for all these years, and thousands of planes still fly everyday with not a one of them shot down or even shot at. The airplane thing is a rationalization of the leftists hating our guns, and hating our bigger guns even more.
That's why I want a goldang full auto batzooka! Piss 'em off good, and they deserve it. Damn anti-American commies!

Anonymous said...

I live in Illinois and am getting ready to go to Springfield for the next day or two to see what I can do. My legislators are both on our side but I intend to visit the office of every legislator and let them know personally how opposed I am to this.

If you're in Illlinois too, please join me.

Chuck said...

It's past time for any company operating in the firearms field to leave Illinois, and from here on out no one in the other 49 should engage in business transactions with individuals or companies in Illinois.

For example, Sears is headquartered in Chicago; I'll never spend a dime with Sears or Kmart again. If Illinois wants to take these actions, so be it. I don't have to support any of it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right. Chicago get the HELL OUT OF ILLINOIS!!!! I have been a cop for 26 years. I WILL NOT ENFORCE ANY LAW THAT TAKES AWAY FIREARMS!!! I took an OATH and by GOD ALMIGHTY I will uphold this OATH. I will do everything I can do to get in the way of any Law Enforcement agency that tries to take guns form anyone. Blue helmets stack them up like cord wood. Stand up and take a stand befroe it is too late.