Friday, December 28, 2012

Dick's Sporting Goods Ripping Off Customers

Not only have they stopped selling EBR's, they're refusing to fill orders placed before their ban.
 As one customer noted, prices have doubled so Dick's is effectively costing people hundreds of dollars to replace what the store is refusing to.

I think they need to learn the lesson Zumbo and S&W did. I certainly will never grace one of their stores or 'net sites again.

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Chas said...

Instead of siding with their customers, they're siding with other people? That's no way to run a business. Who's running that company?

Chas said...

I wouldn't be too harsh on a company that was willing to sell AR's to begin with. You won't find Macy's taking care of our right to bear arms, will you? Some kindly education will go a long way with our friends at Dicks. Be gentle with them. They were merely mistaken.

dave w said...

i am sure they sold them all on gunbroker or to another outlet at a huge markup. Dont for one minute think dick has boxes of unsold guns out back somewhere. They just did it on the down low