Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Technologically Illiterate

Did you know it takes an engineering degree and specialized equipment to file down a piece of metal?
So a criminal couldn't figure out how to go to the hardware store, buy a file for less than $10 and take care of all his buddy's 'microstamped' guns at a hefty profit. No wonder they don't understand CNC Mills.

The levels of stupidity from these people is amazing.

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Jacob said...

Ladd has not read the microstamping bill nor our press release on it:


John Richardson said...

Or they could go to a beauty supply store or corner pharmacy and buy a nail file that has diamond dust in it for $5 or less.

Moreover, if knifemakers use sandpaper to shape and sharpen knives, there is no reason it could not be used on a bolt face to do the same thing.

Weer'd Beard said...

Of course the reason why they moderate their comments and always debate in arenas stacked in their favor.

Otherwise we could bring up their constant contradictions.

Like this. Nobody is smart enough to scuff a microstamp (you don't even need to remove it, just mar it enough that you can't read the full number, or so that the print is so shallow that gas pressure on the primer or case wall obliterates the imprint)

But yet any Jethro with the various gunshow pamphlets can convert XYZ semi-auto "Assault Weapon" into a fully-functional Select-fire Assault Rifle per the "Readily convertible" clauses.

Same also that criminals would obey a mandatory FFL transfer law...despite them not obeying the laws against felons in possession, dealing drugs, and assault and murder.

And of course the hum-dinger, that America is more dangerous than an active war zone...but people are paranoid for ever wanting to keep effective firearms at hand.

Reality works with a dimmer switch for them!

Braden Lynch said...

"Reality works with a dimmer switch for them!"

Maybe it's the cliche, "the lights are on, but nobody's home..."

How about the super evil genius of just taking the gun to the range and firing a thousand rounds through it?

I suspect that would be enough to ruin the micro stamping.