Friday, April 13, 2012

NRA AM '12 Day 1A

Arrived, checked in, and did a sweep of the floor. Getting parking was like the 'Line Ride'. I did find a space between two closely parked trucks. It's good to drive a small car.

9am- The floor has just opened and there's already a line out the door.

Stephanie Samford, NRA Media Liason.  She was warned about us.
The SAF folks including Alan Gottlieb.

Ashley Varner, NRA Rep for Indiana Missouri and Oklahoma.  She used to me the Media Liason and is one of the ones involved in getting bloggers credentialed.

And thanks to Ashley, I also met the Lt. Gov and Senators from MO. Who also wanted some bacon. 

 John Overstreet showing me their new reversable AR system for lefty shooters.  They're planning on $500 uppers for .22 dedicated and $650 for .223 uppers.  Not guaranteed so don't go and tell them I said so.

John Webb and Ron Corzine of the Illinois State Rifle Assoc.signing up new members.
Geeking out.  Oleg Volk, who, for some reason seems to think I'm more famous

I've spent the last hour or so talking guns and politics w/ Jodie Newell, newscaster from Australia.

I'm debating whether to go to the 'Leadership' speeches.

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