Friday, April 13, 2012

NRA AM '12 Day 1B

Just couldn't do it. I couldn't go and sit through Romney the Reed bending in our direction. The response by the audience was 'polite'. Santorum, Gingrich.  No. Just no.

This was funny though:
 So I went and got something to eat and walked the floor a bit more and was interviewed by NMGPolitics out of Australia. 

 Richard Pearson, ED of the ISRA at the ISRA booth.

The line to get into the 'Leadership' Forum.

Joe Waldron (SAF) and Massad Ayoob

And all the while the anti-gunners are race-baiting and calling NRA members 'UnAmerican' and 'disgusting'.

This is what they consider 'mainstream'. They might want to talk to Rick Ector who runs 'Legally Armed in Detroit'. I kept trying to tell him he didn't exist but he wouldn't believe me.

Some shots I took before I headed out for the day:

 Replica Stg 44 in .22lr from American Tactical.  Planned for a summer '12 release the MSRP is $600.

I want.This is seriously going on my list.  Practical?  No.  Amazingly cool. Yes.

Cam Edwards of NRA news.

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