Saturday, April 14, 2012

NRA AM '12 Day 2b

With the sad display that was the CSGV 'protest', the afternoon was mandatory for coolness:

Valinda and Mike Rowe of Illinois Carry. I ran into them waiting for the 'protest'
Jodie Newell interviewing Dick Heller.
One of my best friends (and USAF vet but we'll forgive him) meeting the Nuge.
The Gunny. R. Lee Ermey.

He signed my 'Glock' book and a picture.

I needed a new NRA hat so I picked up a 'Life Member' one.

I had it customized.

Spent some time talking to the Marlin folks.  After their move, they admitted there were some QC issues but they are busting their humps to 'put out the best firearms possible'.Their displayed product looked good and, as a Marlin fan, I look forward to seeing the company maintain a reputation for reliability.

Tomorrow will be the final day and I'll be heading home after a planned rendezvous w/ 45Superman.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Lori O'Neill is tweeting like she's at the convention again. Bumped into her yet?

Old NFO said...

Good coverage! :-)