Saturday, April 14, 2012

NRA AM '12: The @CSGV Protest That Wasn't

Well the much vaunted 'protest' came and went at the America Center in St. Louis.
 Here's the turnout.

 So I walked down Washington and 4th st all the way to the Arch at about 1:45pm just to say 'HI" to my good buddy Ladd.  Nothing.  It was like Where's Waldo but w/ a bald guy w/ anger management issues. Disappointing, however I did get some nice shots of the arch.

 Ah well. Back to the floor.

 Update:  CBS St Louis reported on the 'rally' w. a photo of one person w. a sign and some statements.

The building behind them is the (in)famous courthouse where the Dred Scott decision was made.  Appropriate for these individuals who want to strip us of our rights. It's also nearly a half-mile away from the convention center. Also no mention of the number of attendees (few) or how long it lasted (minutes).

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 NRA AM '12: The @CSGV Protest That Wasn't 
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Dannytheman said...

There was one brother with an umbrella, and two people wearing hoods.(Due to the rain it looks!)

greenmeanie said...

Actually, according to Joan at Common Nonsense, there were THREE protestors!! LOOK!! She's even PROUD of it(link at 3rd comment down):

Think she'll publish my comment where I politely point out her folly? Nah!