Monday, April 9, 2012

NG(V)AC: The One Trick Pony

Maybe they ought to change their name to the National Gun Victims In-Action Council as since their flop of a 'economic boycott' of Starbucks, they haven't done anything since. Their last couple of blog posts has been one rant about how many billions of dollars they're costing Starbucks basing their evidence on a couple of Facebook comments (a post they didn't even put up on FB and was also their last tweet) and a couple of cutnpastes of old material from their website. You'ld think that at least one of their claimed 14 million supporters would post SOMETHING.

Even Ladd 'Thunderfoot' Everitt of the CSGV has stopped spamming the Starbucks FB page (which by itself tells you what kind of a PR disaster it was) after all the regulars told him to go away.

So is that all they had as their master plan? One trick? How long will it be before the website goes tits up like the AHSA?

Maybe I should send them their check back.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Did you catch the "debate" on al-Jazeera that was posted by ENDO?

Watch it and see why NC(v)AC has gone nowhere. Eliott Finemann is a senile old man. It wasn't even sporting to joust verbally with the guy, which is why the SCCC guy pretty much only addressed the ex-cop.

Linoge said...

It must suck to realize that people simply do not care about your gross exploitation of "gun violence" "victims"; after all, they had everything riding on the idea that this "boycott" would catch on, and, well... *crickets*

I think "pull an NGVAC" should be added to the gunblogger lexicon...

Thirdpower said...

Eliot certainly likes that '25%' figure that can't be verified because the court records are sealed.

He has a set number of talking points and just repeats them in public, on twitter and FB over and over.