Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taurus Product Review Pt II

This is the second in a three part series on Taurus firearms and their customer service from CCRA/GSL* (whose website is in the process of being redone). Part one his here.
Taurus Service Guarantee:
Don’t believe everything they tell you
by John Boch

I called Taurus on February 16th and spoke with Mike at extension
259. I explained to him that I picked up a pair of old, imported
surplus Model 82s as loaner guns for NRA Personal Protection
courses I teach with some friends, and that the guns purchased
were rough: with cylinders that were binding, spitting lead and
showing a fair amount of forward and backward play. I asked him
if they would honor their blanket, lifetime warranty even though
these revolvers were not bought new and were Century Arms

“Sure! We’d love to,” he said. “Just send them down and we’ll
take good care of you.”

$94 and change later, the guns were on the way via FedEx. I was
excited that rough specimens might be turned into serviceable
loaner guns. They wouldn’t be sexy, but they would work.

Five days later, they arrived back with zero paperwork. I
inspected the guns and as far as I could tell there was nothing
done. Sure enough, some friends noticed the label on the end of
the boxes that said “non-Taurus” and was circled.

I called Mike back the next day, seeking clarification on his
cheerful encouragement to send the guns to Taurus for repair only
for someone there to send them back to me untouched.

I’m *still* waiting for a return call after leaving a detailed
Tomorrow I will have an article on a GSL member's experience w/ a new Taurus PT-100AF semi-auto.

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*Reprinted w/ permission


Critter said...

at least you got the guns back. it is not unknown to have a return disappear.

Mark said...

Taurus has a non-published policy, unless you are the original purchaser with your paperwork, they don't honor the warranty. My Ex-FIL had a gun store and we went through that go round with Taurus back in the early 90's.

molonlabe said...

I bought a Taurus Millenium PT-111 years back and long story short...I had to send it back to them 3 times in the span of only 150 rounds because of malfunction. Slide would lock up mid-battery with pieces of polymer falling out of it and rattling inside. Sure, they took it back and "fixed" it each time...at my shipping expense. My consolation was a free mag (2 the third time i sent it back!) upon it being returned. Great, 6 mags for a weapon that would malfunction after emptying 2.

Never bought another Taurus antyhing ever again.

Nate said...

Can't wait to see the end of this tale as my brother has a Taurus 357 that was picked up by his road paving crew along the highway someplace and then thrown into a drawer. When brother found it seized up and non-functional he sent it off to Taurus and the gun came back to him working perfectly and cleaned up. He just killed a feral hog with it a month or so ago.