Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taurus Product Review Pt. III

This is the third in a three part series on Taurus firearms and their customer service from CCRA/GSL* (whose website is in the process of being redone). Part one is here and two here.
Product Review:  Taurus PT-100AF
by Charles J. Matul
(Guns Save Life/GunNews Magazine) - On the advice of a so-called 
gun expert, I purchased a new Taurus Model 109AF .40-caliber 
semi-auto.  The expert claimed this gun was a lot better than the 
Beretta 92-series guns.
After repeated firing of this pistol, I found it to be the worst 
pistol I've ever owned, and I'll tell you why:  Even using a gun 
rest, I had holes all over the paper and most were 18-27" below 
the point of aim.  This was only at 16 yards!
I would rate this gun an F-minus for accuracy.
Seeing a need for adjustment, I called Taurus and their service 
representative said it was probably the shooter plus he stated 
this pistol needs to have about 500 rounds fired through it to 
break it in.
I disagreed with both statements.
So, I finally sent it in and waited well over a month for its 
Upon receipt, I returned to the range and found little, if any 
change.  They also thoughtfully included a test target with my 
returned PT109AF.  The only problem was the holes were from a .22 
caliber handgun, and the target was noted as such.
I sent a letter and made several phone calls to Taurus seeking 
clarification.  I never received a response.
Lifetime warranty from Taurus?
What a joke.
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Lazy Bike Commuter said...

A friend of mine had a similar issue with a brand new PT140, circa 2002. It shot four FEET low at 7 yards.

I think he sold it.

Robert Fowler said...

Sounds like Taurus has went to shit with their success. Years ago they used to make a quality gun. Sad really.

Weer'd Beard said...

Friend of mine sent a Taurus Bobcat clone (don't know their model numbers) back for a repair.

Gun came back untouched by human hands...but heavily touched by Florida's humid and salty air as it now has plentiful rust.

There are very few guns that Taurus makes that aren't copies of other guns. As a general rule the Taurus model is cheaper, but not impressively so than the more reputable gun.

Brown bag your lunch, and cut back on expenses for a bit and see if you can find a used variant of the Taurus you want. It'll pay off in the long run!