Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Second verse same as the first..

In Chicago...

two other teens were shot and wounded, one of them seriously,

The victims and the shooter had gang affiliations, police said, adding that the victims and their alleged assailant were believed to be affiliated with two different street gangs.

The three shootings are one of several in recent weeks in Chicago, prompting calls for stricter gun control laws in Illinois.

One student opined:

Simeon student Ronnie Mosley said easy access to guns has been a plague to his generation.

Even though you used to be able to walk into any hardware store or Sears and walk out w/ a gun. Even though you used to be able to order them from ads in the newspaper. Maybe it has more to do w/ his 'generation', the crap they listen to, and those they hold up as examples.

WaronGuns has more. It should be noted that the Chicago Public School system, which has an attendance rate as low as 66% and an average GPA of lower than a C, is spending money to bus students downtown for their protest.

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