Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Busy bees in Chicago

Anti's show they can play PR better as 400 students used as puppets get front page and multiple stories while 2500 in Springfield get barely a mention in the opinion section and that being negative. The comments show a different opinion from the general public however.

Another "child" and "good boy" shot: Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond said police were investigating whether Brown's slaying was gang-related. Detective also are looking into whether the shooting was in retaliation for an earlier beating that may have involved Brown, a police source said.

But I'm sure this one was just "random violence" though:

An 18-year-old man who was walking on the far South Side was shot Tuesday evening and died about three hours later, police said.

No chance of it also being "gang related", is there?

FBI must have been "spray firing from the hip" w/ their "patrol rifles":

The FBI has suspended shooting at a portion of its North Chicago shooting range after nearly 40 spent bullets and fragments were found in a nearby beach and park -- including under a swing set.

While another "Chicago's Finest" goes off his meds:

A South Side Chicago Police officer has been charged with three counts of official misconduct and domestic battery for allegedly attacking a woman Tuesday morning on the South Side while on duty.

Obviously tougher gun laws are the answer.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any photos of this police gun range?

My range has a damn mountain for a back stop. How in the hell do you have bullets landing in a park unless you're firing into the air.