Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winte (should be) mute..

In regards to his recent "study":

New York and Chicago, which have long restricted handgun ownership and use, had fewer homicides in 2007 than at any other time since the early 1960s.

Never mind that Chicago was one of the top five for decades in homicides and crime and is still 3x higher than the national average. All during their ban. As I've shown before, if it were to drop into Lake Michigan, the Il homicide rate would be less than half of what it is currently.

permissive states generally have higher rates of gun-related deaths than others do

Notice the qualifier. He's including suicides of which "permissive states" have higher rates overall than others anyway.

n 1976, Washington, D.C., took action that was consistent with such evidence. Having previously required that guns be registered, the District prohibited further registration of handguns, outlawed the carrying of concealed guns, and required that guns kept at home be unloaded and either disassembled or locked. These laws worked. Careful analysis linked them to reductions of 25% in gun homicide and 23% in gun suicide, with no parallel decrease (or compensatory increase) in homicide and suicide by other methods and no similar changes in nearby Maryland or Virginia.4 Homicides rebounded in the late 1980s with the advent of "crack" cocaine, but today the District's gun-suicide rate is lower than that of any state.

Laughable to anyone who actually knows anything. He has to use more qualifiers and some Sudoku math* to get his claims. For years, DC homicides were at 90-100% firearm related. He blames it on drugs. Why doesn't he mention that the murder rate was already dropping in DC prior to the ban and then reversed itself 2 years after? Why doesn't he mention that the rates were increasing in VA and MD during the same periods anyway? Maybe the "gun suicide" rate is lower because criminals, the only ones with guns, don't normally commit suicide. What were the overall suicide trends before and in the other states? Tim Lambert at least shows before and after numbers, but not trends.

By promoting our sense of entitlement to gun use against one another, it could weaken the framework of ordered liberty that makes civil society possible.

Freedom is Slavery, Knowledge is Ignorance.

This is what the elite of the Anti academia has been reduced to, qualifiers and lying-by-omission to try and mislead the public and legislators into believing them. As Ahab says and I've mentioned earlier, when knuckle-draggers like me are disassembling their works w/ relative ease, it shows why we have been successful as of late. W/ the numbers we have, it makes it even easier.

Ahab and Uncle have more...

* filling in the required numbers to get the pre-determined result

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