Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Irony hits Blagojevich like a ton of bricks..

Chicago bans handgun ownership and sales, and Daley regularly pushes gun-control measures at the state Capitol in Springfield, where lawmakers are divided more by geography than political allegiances. Legislators in and around Chicago tend to favor gun restrictions, while downstaters usually argue for hunter and gun owners' rights.

Blagojevich urged the rally's participants to make their voices heard in Springfield and Washington, D.C. ``How many more children have to die before the men and women who make the rules wake up and start responding to the needs of communities and kids that go to our schools?'' he said.

I don't know Guv. Why don't you tell us how many more will die before Daley, you, and his other puppets wake up? w/ 1/3 the crime rate of Chicago, the rest of the state seems to be doing something right.

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