Sunday, March 30, 2008

Herb Meeker responds..

You have a point, but if you noticed I was quoting Associated Press from ATF stats. I do know a few people possessing authentic AK-47s not necessarily cheapie clones. However, they are not criminals and obey the laws. I once owned and shot an SKS from China. And I have shot a friends' AR-15 (personally, I think it sucked) and his M-14 (It really rocked), but never any fully automatic weapons. It was fun to use the SKS on empty plastic oil containers, 2-liter sodey bottles and other items for "ballistic tests." Since marriage I am all but unarmed. The drawback of marrying a pacificist. I believe I did note in the story the AR-15s with MPD are semi-automatic weapons, not submachine guns. But you are right on misconceptions on these weapons by the general public, and gun haters. People think they are bullet sprayers.

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