Monday, March 31, 2008

7 dead, 14 wounded over weekend.

in handgun free Chicago. The reaction? Calls for more gun laws and a march in the relative safety of downtown w/ our good buddy Snuffy. Why don't they march in Englewood were most of these killings are occurring? Why is it always "good kids" that are being caught up in gang violence? How can there still be so much gun related crime when guns are effectively banned in Chicago?

While fellow gang members gathered outside the hospital to hold a vigil for him, rival gang members showed up at the hospital and opened fire into the crowd. One man, who was affiliated with Haro's gang, was struck by gunfire.

Initially, police said the bullets may have come from a tavern about a block away, where street gang members had been kicked out about the same time, the source said.

A 25-year-old man was shot in the lower back in a drive-by shooting in the Stony Island Park neighborhood on the South Side on Friday evening. Less than two hours later, two men were shot in a drive-by shooting on the Far South Side.

As the officer attempted to intervene, one or more of the men pulled out a gun and began firing shots,

The girl was walking with people who were the intended targets, and the shooting appears to be gang-related, according to Calumet Area detectives.

Miguel Pedro, 15, was shot to death on the Northwest Side on Friday night, just a few doors down from his home on the 1600 block of North Keeler Avenue, after someone shouted gang slogans at him.

Many of the 120 students from the housing project have not been to school since March 7 because they fear retaliation after a reputed gang member from ABLA shot and killed another student who lived on a rival gang's turf.

Oh, right. All those "rural white males" driving up w/ pickups full of mind controlling guns to sell them on the streets. I forgot.

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Anonymous said...

If its all the fault of the rural white guy, why is it the urban black doing 90% + of the killing?

I'm a little tired of this crap. Urban blacks shoot, rob and rape white folks, it's because they have been victimized by rural whites. Urban blacks rob rape and kill other blacks it's because they have been victimized by rural whites.

I demand to hear black religious and community leaders admit that that bullshit can't possibly be true unless blacks really are inferior and cannot reason or think, but only react as a rabid animal would.

Barring that, I expect to hear them condemn the criminals in their neighborhoods regardless of color.