Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who uses Fear Mongering?

Our friendly local DC FFL holder throws out some PSH he probably found on Google over Henry Repeating Arms having possibly shipped loaded firearms. How does he spin it into hysteria? By stating they produce "youth" rifles and are unregulated by any federal agency.

That's right. Josh wants people to believe that they are regularly handing out loaded firearms to kids and a conspiracy to cover it up. Nevermind that the warning that the company sent out w/o needing any federal oversight specifically stated "This does not relate to a specific model or date. Each gun in your inventory must be checked for ammunition."
Nevermind that kids can't buy these guns even if they are designed for them. Nevermind that it was posted on the internet by one of their distributors. Nevermind that they have to go through dealers before it gets to any customer. That would cause people to have to change their shorts, now would it?

So who uses "fear mongering" tactics again?

Apparently Josh and Paul figured out that the feature showing where traffic was coming from to their blogs was merely free advertising for us. Hee hee.

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Yuri Orlov said...

Per this comment:

"I say ship all guns loaded. Let the gun lovers take their chances."

I say hell yes! With the price of ammunition these days it'd be like buying a new car and having a full tank of gas!

We all follow the four rules right? :-)