Friday, June 8, 2012

OGRE: Nihon Empire Update #5 UPDATE

 The Nihon Empire: Flag
The initial artwork for Nihon is here!!

 Some changes to the counter mix listed here.  The Mk III-B and Mk V counters will have the opposite unit on the reverse side.  While they will be listed as Mk III-B/V and have III-B/V artwork, it is looking likely I will include a record sheet for those who want to play them as an Oni/Samurai as per the stats from GURPS OGRE.

UPDATE:  I have just been informed that the addition of a HW unit to the artwork was a mistake and that they will NOT be available for the Nihon counter sheet.  My apologies to all for the error.

  I made a mistake.  It does happen. I forgot to include HW Inf. into the mix.  So I'm putting up two surrrrveys. (To the left)  How many HW inf. do you want and what should they replace on the counter sheet? If two are chosen, I will go w/ the top two selections for replacement. The poll closes on Sunday, 11am so that the full counter sheet can be completed by the SJG graphics gurus.
Game on.

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