Monday, July 9, 2012


I was listening to my local Public Radio station and they were interviewing an author about his latest crime novel. Blah, blah and more blah.

Regardless of the question asked, his central theme was that he made every effort to visit the actual locations he was writing about, talk to real people who did the jobs his characters did and basically just do some honest research to lend some credibility to the stories he wrote.

He gave a few examples of receiving letters/emails/tweets from his readers about some detail he got wrong about a particular building or whatever and then he chuckled and said...

"But nothing generates more critiques from my readers than when I get something wrong about guns."

We've all had great fun pointing out "movie mistakes" on all things firearm related and I thought it interesting that people would take the time to write this guy about incorrect gun info more than any other topic.

Although he didn't mention it outright, I could hear in his voice that he wasn't a gunny but knew he had to take a few trips to the range before writing his next book.

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Chas said...

Guns are a truly vast subject. One can spend a lifetime of involvement with them and still be aware of having a vast amount of ignorance. There's the technical aspect of how they work, the historical side of their use over the centuries in peace and war, the legal history of their restrictions and the resistance to that, the practical issues of how to use them for self-defense, hunting, warfare, target shooting, etc. Still, it's a subject that is very satisfying to have learned about. One can look back on a lifetime of having learned about guns and take a great deal of satisfaction in that.

Weer'd Beard said...

This isn't new. In the first few James Bond books Flemming had 007 packing a .25 Beretta.

A Scottish arms enthusiast wrote him a letter calling the .25 a "Lady's Gun", and for Bond's needs a .32 PPK would be a better choice, and history was made.

Yeah I was reading a crime novel a few years back where a professional hit man was packing a SIG 245. I thought that was cool as its a neat, and somewhat uncommon gun.

Then came the gun fight where it expressly shows him firing 6 shots before reloading!

REALLY? A professional wouldn't top off his mag?