Thursday, July 12, 2012

OGRE: Nihon Empire Update #6: LOCKDOWN!!!

 The Nihon Empire: Flag

 It's been a month since the last update but the last few days have been very productive on the OGRE front.
SJ and I have been messaging and the final unit numbers are officially and formally locked down for the Nihon Empire: American Divisions custom sheet.  I've been shown a proof of the final sheet and hopefully can get that up for oogling w/i the next few weeks. It's based off of the 'A1'  counter sheet though.

As an extra plus for all the faithful, after some (friendly) discussion w/ involved parties, the HW Inf. became a GO and I included two of them on the full 18"x11" sheet.
 Based off of the initial poll results, I also pulled ALL of the trucks/hovertrucks and put them into GEV's and GEV-PC's making the force almost entirely mobile. The only other change is pulling one Msl Tank for an additional LGEV to make even numbers.

So here are the vehicle numbers for each 18"x11" sheet.

GEV 10
Light GEV 8

Superheavy Tank 4
Hvy Tank 6
Missile Tank 4
Light Tank 6

Howitzer 4
Mobile Howitzer 2

Infantry  8  (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Marines 8 (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Hvy Weapon Inf- 2

Missile Crawler 2,
Crawler (w/o missile) 2
Missile 2

Ogre Mk III-B/Mk V on reverse 2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk III on Reverse -2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk II on Reverse-2
(note all Ogres are flat one hex counters)

This was a good B-day in my opinion.

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LosferWords said...

Looks Great Happy Birthday!

Karl Gallagher said...

Huzzah for HW INF!

Looks good.

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