Saturday, July 14, 2012

So Much Bad Information, So Little Bandwidth

It's difficult to find one bit of correct information in this article.
 an AK-47 assault rifle
  The submachine gun was developed in Russia
Which is it? An 'assault rifle' or a 'submachine gun'?
 The Assault Weapons Ban, enacted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1994, banned automatic and some semiautomatic guns, including AK-47s

Wow, 18 years since the law was passed and people STILL don't know what it's about.  The VPC really did a good job pushing their lie on that one.
Then Denny Henny of the near defunct Brady Campaign has his piece of fear-mongering.
Henigan said he wants the Assault Weapons Ban to be reinstated and he also wants the Brady Bill, which requires background checks of licensed gun sellers, to be extended to all gun sales.
Yeah, he can keep 'wanting' all he likes.
“Most of the guns wreaking havoc in New York City come from other states,” he said,
What? You mean criminals are willing to break numerous federal, state and local laws?  Who whoulda thunk it? So the solution?  Make it more illegaler.
 He added that microstamping technology should be used to track down shooters. A microscopic code is embedded in the shell casings so that police can trace a gun without having it in their possession. California is the only state to pass that legislation, but it has not yet been implemented.
Because it's non consistent and easily defeatable.  Another one of those feel good buzz phrases.
He added that 80 percent of gun owners support extending the Brady Bill
Only in his dreams.
the gun lobby does not represent the American population,”
Well there are over 4 million members of the NRA alone and more members of my state affiliate than there are Brady Campaign members. The only ones the BC 'represents' are the die hard, foaming at the mouth anti-gun fanatics and the mouth-breathing ignorant.  Like the author of this article.

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Chas said...

I think I flew on an AK-747 one time. ;)

Old NFO said...

LOL, foaming at the mouth is about ALL they can do!!!

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I love how Henigan brings up microstamping in a discussion about "AK-47s" (and not, apparently, the "pistol" variety), since not even California or New York has yet tried (to my knowledge) to pass a microstamping requirement for rifles.

And what does that tell you about next steps, if they ever get the pistol microstamping law passed in NY?