Monday, July 2, 2012

Courtroom Crusaders

Two cases:
BOSTON — Gail Jones says she has forgiven the man who shot and killed her 23-year-old son during a botched robbery at a New Hampshire Army surplus store five years ago.
But she is hoping her son’s death, in which a stolen gun was used, will prompt gun owners to be more careful about locking up their firearms.
Jones is suing the grandfather of the man who killed her son and two other men, alleging that his failure to secure his gun properly enabled his grandson to steal it and use it in the shootings on July 2, 2007.
 So she's 'forgiven' the actual murderer but is blaming the guy who's property was broken into and stolen from. 

On Friday, an online seller learned he will go to prison for illegally arming the man who pulled the trigger...
Vesel’s longtime friend, Theresa O’Rourke of Downers Grove, seized Friday’s sentencing as an opportunity to push for stricter gun laws.
She cited statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization that indicate 40 percent of firearms are sold by “private sellers” not required to do background checks.
O’Rourke said she believes this is a result of unchecked online sales, which have grown in popularity.
And the belief that a guy who knowingly sold a gun to a prohibited person would be stopped by a law making it illegaler. 

Who wants to bet both of these people were coached by gun control groups?

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1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Of course they were... Dancing in the blood of the victims with their sanctimonious pronouncements!!!