Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fortress America 1986 v 2012

What a difference 25 years makes. I decided to add to my new FA game by picking up a set of the original sets. While most of the new game is near identical to original 1986 version, they've definitely updated the pieces. The molding is much sharper and the designs are newer. Not necessarily better, but newer.

  The Hovertanks.Longer gun and clear, ducted fans.

The Helicoptors. The original was a traditional gunship looking similar to an Apache. The new one is a definite imitation of a Scorpion from Avatar.

The 'Mobile Units'.  IFV's.  The 1986 version closely resembles a Spanish BMR-600 Pegaso while the updated version is something like a M1131 Striker .

The Bombers. The original seems to be based on a XB-70 Valkyrie while the new version is a B-2 Spirit.

The Infantry.  The original was basically a human shaped blob w/ some generic gear and a gun. The new one is laden w/ pouches, gear, a huge backpack, radio helmet and what looks like an M41A Pulse Rifle.

My favorite though are the 'Partisans', representing the average American taking up arms against the invaders.

The original is one of the most highly detailed of the set.  You can make out an old style cap w/ fold up sides, a pistol holster, canteen, small backpack w/ blanket roll, hunting knife in the boot and a scoped rifle.

The new partisan has a turned around baseball cap, 8 ammo pouches, bunches of other pouches attached to his arms and other places, knee, shoulder and elbow pads, sundry other gear (but no canteen or backpack) and an M-4gery. Note the proper finger placement on the trigger.

I'ld say that's a statement on the changing firearms culture in the US.

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Old NFO said...

Interesting... ESPECIALLY the last one!

drjim said...

Yeah, that's pretty neat stuff!