Thursday, April 26, 2012

..'Hasn't Been Mugged Yet..'

Most of us have heard this line, add 'liberal/conservative' 'gun owner/non-gun owner' or whatever your preferred pigeon-hole. Either way, it's what crossed my mind today while I was talking to a very liberal friend of mine (but we'll forgive him for that).

He's one of the types you can discuss politics w/ w/o getting into a heated argument. Not 'anti-gun' necessarily but he definitely leans in that direction.   He told me during our discussion that the other night he heard what he thought was someone breaking into his house and his first thought was 'I wish I had a gun'. 

He's not there yet but I re-enforced that if he ever wanted to even try out target shooting, I'll supply the range, gun and ammo.  It would make a nice family day.

Slowly but surely we move forward.

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Weer'd Beard said...

My Mother In Law was watching CNBC as the stock market did its 2008 crash, and the commentators were talking doom and gloom.

She told us her first thought was "Maybe the kids have the right idea owning all those guns".

We all know that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with Need.

That being said, its pretty hard to argue that certain people do actually NEED effective firearms all the time, and all of those people never knew until they were staring headlong at their problem that the ball had dropped.

No, I don't NEED all these guns. Hey but guess what, nobody can guarantee I never will, and when that ball drops, I won't have time to get any if I don't have them currently.

And when that happens I'll be holding onto my supplies pretty hard, so don't think I'll be sparing much to those who didn't think ahead.