Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Give Us This Day Our Daily Fudd-(ette)?

Well it looks like the Anti's have noticed the huge influx of women entering the shooting sports so they had to find a modern version of the AHSA, in other words, a lady-Fudd.  Enter Lily Raff McCaulou, a MD expat who lived in Manhattan for years and then moved to Oregon and discovered a love of hunting.  But that's it.

The op-ed reads just like every other one we've read from every other fudd over the years. 'NRA 'only' represents 4m people', 'does nothing for hunters', 'they won't come for my rifles/shotgun', etc.  The only difference is the gender.  She's perfectly willing to throw millions of other firearm owners under the bus as long as she can keep her 'huntin' guns'.

Obviously her 'research' missed the Wittington Center, the dozens of hunter specific booths at the NRA annual meetings, along w/ the numerous training programs and efforts to keep hunting lands etc. open.  Much more so than almost any other group out there. 

I wonder what she would have to say if she knew in Illinois we can't hunt w/ rifles? Or that the VPC (financially supported through the Joyce Foundation while Obama was a board member) has proposed adding rifles and all associated equipment under the category of machineguns. Or that Obama supported a bill that would have banned shotguns.

She doesn't seem to understand that 'hunters' are only one subset of 'sportsperson' involved in firearms. Most firearm owners don't hunt.  There are more target shooters and plinkers than there are hunters yet groups like PETA and HSUS are fighting tooth and nail (along w/ all their 'eco-friendly' allies) to end her sport for good or at least marginalize it to limited hunting clubs for the rich and connected.

Maybe is she would realize these things, she might realize the NRA represents her (at least in part) after all.

Weer'd has more.

UPDATE: And the Anti's have chimed in trying to create a wedge. Expect them to fawn all over her.

UPDATE II: She has a post up on her blog and the comments are rolling in.  I left mine detailing why she's being questioned.  Now we get to see how she reacts.  Will she brush aside the ruder comments and recognize that while the NRA may not be the organization for her, they do more than she thinks, and that she's being used as a puppet for gun control activists or will she prove to be another AHSA-hole like Ray Schoenke?

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Weer'd Beard said...

I'm betting her hunter safety certification has the NRA seal on it.