Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congo: A 'Victorious' Revolution

Taking a short break from the 2nd Gulf War, I delved once again into the Congo Civil War of the 1960's through Che Guevera's 'Congo Diary'.  Just the first few pages re-enforced the notion that reading Communist propaganda is like entering an alternate reality that is less believable than anything Harry Turtledove has written. 
pg 4- "After Tshombe was overthrown, the Congolese asked the Cubans to withdraw in order to facilitate the conclusion of an armistice.  Che left as he had come, without a sound."
No mention that between the 'asking' and the 'leaving', the communist rebels were smashed by a combination of Hoare's mercenary troops and the Congolese army causing the Cubans et al to flee across into Tanzania.

But it gets better. From a forward by his daughter Alaida Guevara March:
On the first anniversary of the victory of the Congolese revolution, I took part in the celebrations and had a chance to talk to some of the companeros who had fought alongside Che...
He makes specific mention of several leaders, including Laurent Kabila, who later became a key leader of that country...
...they are aware that his advice has been useful in the great task of unifying their country and ensuring that for the first time in many years the Congolese people benefit from their country's wealth.
 So to her, the 'revolution', 30 years later, was a remarkable success.  This was written in 2011.  Now let's take a look at the real Congo, one not from someone wearing red sunglasses.

Since 1998, over 5.4 million people have been killed in the various wars, uprisings, famine, crime and general unrest present, has the 2nd highest infant mortality rate in the world and a life expectancy of under 55 while warlords fight over the 'country's wealth'. 

Kabila , the 'key leader', was absent for most of the fighting during the civil war, living in luxury in Cairo.  He also fled to Tanzania and set up a camp of what were basically gangsters living off of smuggling, extortion and Chinese aid until he got involved w/ the overthrow of Mbutu, Congo's (Zaire's) dictator and set himself up as 'president' (just as corrupt/violent as before) only to be assassinated 3 years later.

The current average annual income from all this beneficial wealth is $210.

This is 'victory' to a born and bred communist.  Death, destruction, poverty and corruption on levels near unimaginable to anyone in the Western world. This is what people who fly Che Guevara flags and wear the shirts are trying to enable in the US even if they're to stupid/ignorant to know it. 

And when they try, I'll have no sympathy when someone goes Bolivian on their @sses.

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