Monday, April 23, 2012

True Cook Plus. Huh?

Taking a break from guns and politics for a post.

 Picked up the new microwave after nearly a month of run-arounds w/ Sears' so-called customer service.  The manager at the store went out of his way to apologize, get me my new unit, and refund the money I shouldn't have had to pay in the first place. Anywhoo...

The new microwave has this 'True Cook Plus' feature on it which is supposed to cook your food to 'perfection' by entering a code.  I checked and didn't find one package of food w/ the code on it. Found a review stating you have to look most of them up online.

Has anyone had any experience w/ this 'feature'?  Is it of any use or as much of a waste of time as most things that are the 'latest technology' fads?  

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1 comment:

MonteG said...

Sounds like it needs an internet connection and a barcode reader.