Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Gov't Inspired Terrorism?

So three 'anarchists' get arrested for allegedly making Molotov cocktails and planning to bomb various places.

Their lawyer's first announcement?  Gov't plants are the ones that started encouraging the attacks:  
A lawyer for the three, Michael Deutsch, said undercover police officers had entrapped them by infiltrating the group and encouraging the bomb-making effort. The Chicago police department declined to comment on the tactics employed in the case.
I don't know if it's true or not.  These winners really could have come up w/ this on their own. Or it could just be beer making gear and the CPD just wanted some justification for their budget. It's hard to say. Why?

Because nearly every single 'terrorist plot' has been encouraged by Gov't moles.  The 'Hutaree', the latest plane target, just to name a few.  Even claiming it has become a standard defense because it happens so often.

All of that is assuming the media's telling the truth.

Isn't it fun that none of them, the authorities, the media, the people, are considered reputable?And I'm sure they won't make Ladd Everitt's 'Insurrectionist Timeline' either. 

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Anonymous said...

In my day in the Movement back in the dear dead 60s, we used to refer to the FBI as the Feeble Bureau of Instgation. They only got the really dumb ones.