Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Latest VPC 'Report'

Josh takes his latest batch of cherry-picked number and random claims to the next degree of silliness, putting out a 'study' that would embarrass any Freshman stats student.  No associated information (suicide, homicide, etc), historical data on whether the numbers are increasing or decreasing, nothing.  Just some randomly selected data points and his usual wish list of guns he wants to ban. 

Why? Because showing any of that would refute his claims.  He's got to do something to keep those Joyce funds flowing and himself employed. 

Let's take a look at a city where the laws he likes are mostly in place.  Chicago.  So far for 2012 (through May 6), 'shooting incidents' are up 20% (to 706) and homicides are up 54% (to 169) compared to last year. And still  Rahm is spending millions of tax payer dollars to defend their bans and restrictions. 

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Robert Fowler said...

I think this is "the quote" in all the comments.


There are plenty of case studies of people who gave up their
firearms in the name of safety, you can read their stories in
the National Holocaust Museum - moving stuff."