Saturday, May 19, 2012


Guy knocks up 11 women 30 times.  Now he wants the Gov't to pay his child support.

And these women LET him knock them up repeatedly which says alot about them as well.

This is the future of America under the Obama Cultural Revolution. Pay my mortgage, pay for my kids, give me free money. These are the supporters of our current president. I call them 'Obama-Americans'.

No.  HELL No. 

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lumpy said...

F-it lets reward him and give him his own cable show.

Chas said...

Hell no? What choice do we have? Breeding programs to produce future Democrat voters are taxpayer funded, and we have to pay our taxes or the government will use violence against us.

Lumpy said...

OK how about introducing him to the Kardasian family?

TS said...

Point of correction- he has 30 children. He may have more knock-ups that didn't go full term.