Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No 'Insurrectionist Timeline' Entry Here

It's threats against a Republican. *
The video in question features former AFL-CIO of South Carolina president Donna DeWitt smacking a (Gov. Nikki) Haley piƱata with a baseball bat at DeWitt's retirement party over the weekend. 
 Here's the video and a picture since there are attempts to remove it:


This is closer to a real threat than CSGV's farcical 'gun pointing at Obama' tirade, people yelling with blood lust 'Whack her' over and over and the batter hitting it repeatedly even after it fell. But nary a mention will be made by Ladd Everitt or his band of merry Ummpa Loompa's because implied threats/violence against firearm A rated candidates isn't relevant, even encouraged, in their myopic world.

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*Yes, I fully understand the concept of hyperbole and political speech. Stick w/ the point.


greenmeanie said...

I love enlightened, compassionate and understanding liberals like Donna DimWitt!

Weer'd Beard said...

Hell, CSGV has been ENCOURAGING people who are demanding violence against George Zimmerman.

The "Insurrectionist Timeline", is little more than a veiled "Enemy's List" against their "Progressive" agenda.