Monday, May 21, 2012

IGOLD vs NATO Protest

Here are photos of the annual IGOLD event comprising 5,000-8,000 people each year.

IGOLD 2012

No arrests. No vandalism.  Nothing. A dozen or so officers directing traffic.

Now take a look at the photos from the NATO protest in Chicago. 
Hundreds of police, violence, bloodshed, arrests, random destruction. Everything you'ld expect to see from those of that political persuasion. (Have to love the Tactical , all- terrain Segway. )

But PuSH'ers and Chicago politicians say WE'RE the violent ones? Will any of this make it on CSGV's 'Insurrectionist Timeline'?  All these Anarchist and anti-gov't activists?  Of course not because they're not affiliated w/ the NRA or any other element of the 'gun lobby'. 

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Old NFO said...

Makes ya wonder, doesn't it...

TerriLiGunn said...

No wondering here. I learned at a young age the news can not be fully trusted.