Monday, May 21, 2012

Illinois Bill Hijacked

From the ISRA:
 BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Illinois State Police are teaming up to pass legislation to destroy your right to privacy and your gun rights in exchange for federal grant money.
 A litany of new regulations/restrictions that will do nothing to reduce crime, only make it more onerous to own a firearm.  Here's the line that connects it all together:
Balanced Budget Note, House Committee Amendment No. 2 (Office of Management and Budget) The fiscal impact of this bill is the potential for $1.2 million in additional federal funds. The changes made to existing code are not expected to have a significant cost attached. Overall, the bill is expected to impact the State positively at an estimated $1.2 million.
They're trying to use this as an excuse to get more money to fix the 'non-compliance' problems created by their own mismanagement and incompetence. It won't go towards closing current budget shortfalls but would instead create yet ANOTHER system that MORE money will have to be spent to maintain and 'upgrade' regularly. Assuming this would pass, they would still end up delaying FOID's as long as possible. 

And the topper is that they aren't even honest about it.  They're attaching it to a shell bill that has NOTHING to do w/ firearms.  What was it the Anti's said about the whole federal 'credit card' bill and the National Park ban?  

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Erin Palette said...

I dunno, what DID the anti's say?

Thirdpower said...

Hard to hear what they were saying over the mewling from all the kittens they were having.

Generally it was the worst thing to be done since New Coke, completely ignoring the regular attempts by IL anti's to attach amendments to shell bills listed as preventing child abuse.