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GRPC '11 Day 2: Conference

Day 2 begins of the GRPC conference. Follow updates on Twitter @TrailerDays , @ISRA , @jpr9954 and the ISRA FB Page. and live video.

John Webb and Ron Corzine of the ISRA REALLY want their coffee.

Ethel, a Chicago resident and librarian, got interested in the firearms issue over the flap regarding GSL comparing Chicago's licensing schemes to the Juden stars in WWII. She doesn't consider herself an 'activist' but she showed up to learn more.

Detail on the books available to attendees.

Joe Tartaro, Gun Week, Chicago = a Feudal Kingdom

Alan Gottlieb, Biggest threats are anti-gun judges and bureaucratic fiat.

Sandy Froman, "In Nov. You're not just voting for a President, but all the judges he appoints. Use your vote wisely and pray for the five".

John Snyder, CCRKBA
Larry Pratt, GOA
Chris Knox, Firearms Coalition
Mark Barnes, Mark Barnes & Assoc.

Yours truly, taken from the audience. Charles Heller of the JPFO is next to me running the AV system.

Richard Pearson

State Leg. pane #1:
Hon. Sam Slom, HI,
Richard Pearson,
Jim Wallace, GOAL in Mass.
John Cushman, SAFE (NY), NRA Board Member
Jim Ervine, Pres. Buckeye Firearms Assoc.

Otis McDonald receiving a standing ovation.

State Leg. Panel #2:
Joe Waldron, Leg Dir. CCRKBA
Gene Hoffman, Calguns Foundation
Hon Phillip Journey, KS 18th Dist. Judge/KSRA board member
Andy Allen, Pres. NFOA
Jeff Ness, Wis. Pro-gun movement

US Sovereignty, the UN & the Hidden Int'l Gun Control Agenda:
Alan Gottlieb CCRKBA
Silvia Gentile, FISAT (ITALY)
Gary Burris, FISAT (US)
D. Allen Youngman, ED Defense Small Arms Advisory Council
Sheldon Clare, Pres. Nat'l Firearms Assoc. of Canada

Alan Gura presented w/ a match grade AR-15 from president of Armalite , Mark Westrom. He can't have the gun until he leaves C(r)ook County though. It's illegal here.

Richard Pearson and Don Moran. State Org. of the Year presented to ISRA for 5th year in a row.

Alan Gura: Gun Rights Defender of the Year.

David Codrea: Journalist of the Year for his part in exposing 'Fast & Furious'.

Valinda Rowe: Grassroots Activist of the Year (well deserved) w/ 4th Dist. Candidate Hector Conception.
LinkDefender of Liberty Award: Pro-rights litigants Mcdonald, the Lawsons, Ezell, Moore, Maier.

Other awards:
Grassroots Org. of the Year: Buckeye Firearms Assoc.
Lifetime Achievement: John Snyder
Legislator of the Year: Darryl Issa

David Sigale, Counsel Ezell v Chicago & Moore v Madigan
Alan Gura, Lead Counsel Heller & McDonald
David Jensen, Counsel Kwong v Bloomberg & Moore v Madigan
Donald Kilmer Counsel Nordyke
Personal Defense & the Justice System:
Chris Byrd: Thank God I Had a Gun
Kathy Jackson: The Cornered Cat: Woman's Guide to CC
Massad Ayoob: founder Lethal Force Institute.

Adam Winkler, Author of 'Gun Fight' said he gets lots of hate mail from Ladd Everitt of the CSGV. So here's two people Ladd can add to his 'Insurrectionist Timeline'.

I got the last copy at the conference.

David Codrea holds up one of Sean's 'Gunwalker' shirts while discussing 'Fast & Furious'.

David Codrea and David Workman.

What ATF & Gov't Regulations Mean to Gun Owners:
Robert Lesmeister, Gun Week
Mark Westrom, Pres. Armalite
Andre Queen, Fidelity Security

CCW & 'Gun Free Zones'
Mark Walters, Armed American Radio
David Gross, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Alan Korwin, author
David Burnett, SCCC
MN has 86,000 CCW permits and according to David Gross "Citizens for a Safer Minnesota,( Joan Peterson's Joyce Puppet group) is irrelevent. That can't get more than 6 people to show up to their meetings". Stuff it Joan.

I ran into Ethel again at the reception. Instead of just staying an hour or so like she had planned, she was there the whole day and will be here tomorrow. She's also now a member of the ISRA, SAF and Illinois Carry.

That's how we're going to win.

More photos from No Lawyers here, here and here.

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