Sunday, September 25, 2011

GRPC '11 Day 3: Conference & ISRA AM

Day 3 begins of the GRPC conference. Follow updates on Twitter @TrailerDays , @ISRA , @jpr9954 and the ISRA FB Page. and live video.

New Perspectives in Establishment Media Bias
Malia Zimmerman, editor,
Don Irvine, Pres. Accuracy in Media
Brian Patrick, Univ of Toledo

"Given a test, those who get their info from the lamestream media can only accurately describe firearms 22% of the time. Less accurate than a drunken-blind monkey" -Brian Patrick

Facebook page " MediaBiasagainst guns" from Don Irvine

What Supreme Court History Tells Us
David T. Hardy
David Kopel
The Fight Over Patient Privacy and Medical Practices
Timothy Wheeler MD
John Wipfler MD
Knife Rights: Second Front in the Right to Bear Arms
Doug Ritter,
Tom Gresham, Host Gun Talk, CCRKA Board Member
David Jensen, Counsel in suit against NYC DA

Where are the Women on the Front Lines?
Genie Jennings, Women & Guns
Valinda Rowe,
Colleen Lawson, Litigant McDonald v Chicago
Dr Paula Bratich, 2nd Amend. Sisters

This is a great photo of Colleen.

Open, Concealed and Constitutional Carry
Charles Heller, ED JPFO
Nik Clark, Wisconsin Carry
Rev. Ken Blanchard

The Conference concluded w/ the SAF report of the resolutions committee and remarks by Alan Gottlieb and Joe Tartaro. After some cleanup and goodbye's I headed back home for posting since I lost my net access about half way through the morning. More thoughts tomorrow.

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Day 2: Conference

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