Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who Speaks For Chicago Residents?

Is it Jessie Jackson who only shows up when cameras are on? Father "Snuffy" who can't even keep drug activity away from his own church? Or the citizens of Chicago who are tired of being victims?

The Chicago Firearms Safety Assoc
. has sent a letter to all African American Representatives to find out.

Dear State Representative,
I am respectfully asking all of the Black State Representatives to host some type of public forum on the issue of concealed carry legislation before the Fall Veto session begins. How can you vote in the best interest of your constituents, if you don’t know what they really want? How many have actually made an honest effort to find out. Jesse Jackson and Father Phleger do not speak for the majority of the Black community!
On Aug. 31, Representative LaShawn Ford hosted a Town hall meeting on concealed carry and found that the vast and overwhelming majority of participants want to see HB-148 passed. The Second Amendment Collective held a Town Hall meeting at WVON Radio Station on the same day and time as Rep. Ford’s Town hall meeting. State Representative Marlow Colvin attended that event. Out of the 80 - 100 participants present, Rep Colvin was the only person in the room opposed to HB-148!!! In late April or early May, Rep. Constance Howard held an unofficial poll regarding HB-148 on her Facebook page, again, the vast majority of respondents wanted to see this bill passed. WVON radio station conducted one of their daily polls in August on concealed carry. The WVON POLL was 98.7 % for and 2.3% against. It was the highest votes cast ever for a WVON poll, more than twice the number that typically participate in their daily polls.
I believe that Rep. Colvin was surprised at the level of support the participants at the WVON meeting gave to HB-148. I believe that Rep. Ford and the other three Reps who attended his meeting were surprised at the positive response, as was Rep. Howard when she held her Facebook poll. Representatives are elected to represent the interest of the constituents who vote them in office, not their personal interest. I believe that the majority of Representatives who voted “no” to HB-148 assume they know what their constituents want, but very few have made any honest, genuine efforts to find out. I therefore reiterate my request that you hold some type of public forum, allowing both the pro and con sides of the argument to be heard by your constituents, so that they can make an informed decision as to where they stand on this issue, and your vote this Fall be reflective of that decision.

Gerald L. Vernon, President
Chicago Firearms Safety Association
Rest assured, we WILL keep the pressure on ALL the Representative to find out why they think keeping us victims is in our best interest.

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Tango said...

It's not in YOUR best interest, but it's certainly in THEIR best interest...

Anonymous said...

Allowing the general populace to possess firearms presents an imagined/irrational threat to gun control advocates. Their real fear is not of criminals possessing guns, but of ordinary citizens being legally permitted to buy, sell, trade, carry and own guns.

Art said...

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Outstanding topic.
This should be good.