Friday, September 23, 2011

WAVE Goodbye

Another one of those Media Matter disclaimers popped up on a blog called 'Uppity Wisconsin'. The usual PSH over WI passing CCW and how nobody will be safe, Wild West shootouts, insults, etc. The same tired tripe we've heard for 20 years.

The other item that comes to light, again unsurprisingly, is this is no 'grassroots' gun control effort. The author claims to be a long time gun control advocate and board member of "Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort" (WAVE), a Joyce Foundation grant recipient (over $1m in the last 3 years) and 'partner' in the Joyce 'States United'.

So still no 'grassroots' for gun control. Only Joyce puppets.

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Weer'd Beard said...

BTW did you notice he only said HE wasn't being paid.

I suspect Waive, or in the instance of Joan Peterson Protect Minnesota are getting a check for every tagged post.

There has to be some email floating around with that official text on it to be copied.

Maybe somebody can dig it up.

Cormac said...

Does that Media Matters tag-line constitute an FTC diclaimer?

If not, are they ALL in violation of federal law?