Friday, September 23, 2011

GRPC '11 Day 1: Setup & Reception

Currently at the conference helping set up. Follow updates on Twitter @TrailerDays , @ISRA , and the ISRA FB Page.

Tables filled w/ swag.

Attendees should bring a bag.

Charles Heller. ED of the JPFO.
Ran into John Naese of GSL and Todd Vandermyde in the lobby. Getting all pretty-fied for the reception at 7pm.

The Reception.

David Lawson, McDonald v Chicago litigant.

FB fans will appreciate this.

Alan Gura and Rhonda Ezell of Ezell v Chicago

David Hardy, Arms and the Law

Richard Pearson. ED. ISRA
Larry Pratt, GOA
David Kopel, 2nd Amend. Author Marc Albertario, NRA-ILA EVC We talked about why people actually like the cubs.

Valinda and Mike Rowe, IllinoisCarry

David Codrea War on Guns/ Natl GRE and Joe Tartaro, Ed/President Gun Week

Reception hall.

Alan Gottlieb, CCRKBA
Don Moran, President ISRA and Alan Gottlieb thanking the attendees.

Alan Korwin, 2A Author

John Richarson, No Lawyers, Only Guns & Money

David Young.
John Naese GSL/CCRA
Sandy Froman, Past NRA President. I saved her place in line for the buffet.

Day 2: Conference
Day 3: Conference & ISRA AM

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NotClauswitz said...

Nice work man!

Chas said...

That's what winners look like.