Friday, April 29, 2011

No More #gunconversation w/ @CSGV and Ladd Everitt

Just like I predicted, Reasoned Discourse is breaking out on Twitter when the PuSH'ers find themselves on the losing end. In this instance Ladd Everitt of the CSGV decided he can't get beyond calling people (like Chuck Norris) traitors and insurrectionists and having his lies exposed so he blocked me.

I guess they don't like having it thrown in their face that they're irrelevant when it comes to Nat'l politics. The best they can manage is having a few people retweet some half true factoid. No-one comes to their support when they're being slapped around by the half-dozen plus gun bloggers that pay attention to them.

Kurt says it best:
As a @ -Designated "Insurrectionist," I'm so scary that @ feels the need to block me on Twitter. How can we have a ?
So which group will be the next one to admit they can't win in open debate?

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Linoge said...

They call for a "gun conversation", and then they plug their ears with their fingers and start screaming?

Hell with them.

Ladd is a hypocrite, through and through, and this situation only goes to prove it.

Thirdpower said...

He's your typical gun control advocate. He pretends to be reasonable up until it becomes clear that their idea of 'compromise' (ie we keep giving up more and more) won't fly then they start playing the victim card (bullies, unreasonable, etc) and the insults start flying.

Add in some 'facts' that are anything but and you have your SOP for the CSGV, BC, VPC, etc.

Chas said...

Like Captain Queeg, but with "insurrectionists" instead of "strawberries".

Weer'd Beard said...

The Irony is thick. The Protesters at the NRA Convention were chanting "We Want to Talk!"

No, they want to talk, and have us silently submit.