Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why We Oppose 'Private Sale' Bans, etc.

When private sales of firearms are forced to go through FFL dealers, this is the ultimate goal of gun ban advocates:
The only licensed firearms dealer active in Washington says he is closing his business temporarily, meaning D.C. residents will have no way to legally buy pistols under a landmark court decision that ended the city’s handgun ban.
He lost his lease and it will take months at the very least to start operating in a new location if at all. Of course the fact that Josh Sugarmann of the VPC is also an FFL dealer but doesn't run a business is ignored.

We've seen this in Illinois as cities try and push out FFL dealers and Chicago bans ranges required to obtain a handgun permit. The ONLY purpose for these arbitrary laws is limiting ownership of firearms. They can cry 'public safety' and 'for the children' all they want but this is the only result that can be found.

And this is why I and thousands of others fight against the imposition of these arbitrary requirements. Because when I'm called a 'conspiracy theorist' or 'unreasonable', I can point to these effects as evidence.

And I'll continue.

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