Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Are Gun Control Activists So Violent?

From 'Think Progress', the group that found 4 out of 4 million NRA members to selectively quote, comes a comment from one of their readers:
My absolute favorite gun statistic is the large number of gun owners that use their guns on themselves. Seems, if there were more of you, there would be fewer of you.
And another:
nra ~ The Little Pee Pee Lobby

I cream my jeans when one of these gun hard on's kid has a gun accident.

Keep it classy.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if there statistic is true, then why are there so many gun-owners still alive?

Anonymous said...

I meant "their" not "there".

Anonymous said...

Violence and/or death evidently makes this guy sexually aroused. That is a rather perverse trait. It is not something to be proud of.

alcade said...

That is some pretty threatening language...

Glad I own a gun!

Chas said...

They're such catty faggots it's ridiculous.

Sarah said...

Because they're emotional children. Ever been around toddlers? Their most-intense tantrums are chock full of violence; I remember my sister trying to take off my nose with her foot when she didn't want me changing her diaper.

kaveman said...

"Why Are Gun Control Activists So Violent?"

The most dangerous animals on Earth are those who are backed into a corner.

Even a Mother protecting her offspring has a breaking point where they give up.

Cornered animals have no breaking point.

So we see the desperation reach new levels as they are unable to oppose us with violence, even though they wish others would.

Robin said...

You know, if I thought that actual gun owners were as a whole as sick and violent as gun control advocates are ... well, maybe I would be against gun ownership as well.

Fortunately, that's not true.

atlharp said...

"Cream your jeans?" I mean come on, I bet these guys only get an erection when they go out and beat up the homeless.