Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ignorant Victim or Lying?

A VT victim wants universal background checks:
That shooter was able to buy a gun the same way and he was mentally ill, as was the NIU shooter. Background checks for all private sales will prevent happened to me,
Um, no. Both the NIU and VT shooters passed background checks because they had never been formally diagnosed w/ mental disorders and been committed like they should have been. Even if there were checks for 'all private sales', they still would have gotten their guns.

Never mind the fact that Illinois has the FOID which the ISP is supposed to keep up to date w/ and collect it if a person becomes a prohibited person.

Don't use your victimhood to push an issue you know little about.

How about a movement to improve the mental health system? Oh, right. That has nothing to do w/ restricting guns. Can't do that.

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