Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wishful Thinking

In an effort to maintain their funding from the Joyce Foundation, the VPC puts out a report repeating the myth that gun ownership is in decline just two days before 65,000 people are set to attend the NRA Annual Meeting.

I wonder if they recognize the irony.

Note that they didn't repeat this last year when there was an increase in the numbers. Guess that doesn't fit w/ their meme.

They've been beating this drum for years as litigation, legislation and the firearm culture as a whole continues to sweep the nation. Their reasons for the alleged decline are mostly just as laughable. And Gallup has household ownership at 39%, a difference of almost 7% and personal ownership at 28%, a difference of 8%.

I guess they've got to do something to keep the money rolling in. What a gig.

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1 comment:

Dannytheman said...

They lie.
We tell the truth.

People can tell the difference. It is that simple. It is why we have been cutting this tree down and will continue to do so until we grind the root and burn the stump.