Friday, April 16, 2010

VPC Still Making Up Claims?

The VPC, with a history of not telling the truth, made the following claim:

Alex Ortiz, a Connecticut concealed handgun permit holder, faces criminal charges after firing five rounds from his handgun during an argument with a pedestrian on a city street.
Yet the link they provide says nothing about a Concealed Carry license in this "May Issue" state. Only a "a valid gun permit". A permit you need to even purchase a handgun in CT.

They've made this error before in their 'research'. One would think w/ all the Googling they do, they would have found the relevant state laws.

So will they provide evidence to support their claim? Are they ignorant of CT laws? Or are they lying?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear


Earl said...

Well, I am spending the weekend in charge of Americans with rifles, learning how to shoot better and here about April 19, 1775. And I would bet that there won't be any safety nor anti-anyone we don't like talk nor shooting. Don't have time in the two day event if we are going to honor the forefathers and have the best shoot possible.

straightarrow said...

Lying, these sonsofbitches would climb a tree to lie, when the truth would serve them better on the ground. They can't help themselves. They aren't just amoral, but are truly and irrevocably intentionally immoral and the truth is unacceptable to them even in the rare instance it might be to their benefit.

They suffer from vomitus moralisis, truth and principle make them sick.