Sunday, February 1, 2009

Only Ones PSH

A CCW bill has been introduced into the Illinois legislature and with Blago out of the picture, there's a chance this bill might actually get heard. Unfortunately, the traditional "Wild West Shootout's" meme rears its ugly head once more:
”The threat to law enforcement would be enormous with that many people out there allowed to carry guns,” said Moline Police Chief Gary Francque. “I am a supporter of a person maintaining a weapon in their home and defending in their homes, but to be out running around with concealed weapons, you’re asking for a huge increase in violence.”

No Chief, actually you wouldn't. In the other 48 states that have CCW in some form or another, no such thing has happened.

And then there's the other traditional "it will just be taken away from you" idiocy:
East Moline Police Chief Victor Moreno warned that a concealed carry law, besides creating the possibility that handguns carried for protection could be taken away by criminals, would alter the way police and public interact. He said it would change officers’ approach to an individual because of the potential of them carrying a handgun.

So what this really shows is that the police chiefs in the Moline, Il area haven't kept up w/ the news for the last 20 or so years and have only read press releases by the Brady Campaign. Such fine examples of public figures.

There is, though, a glimmer of hope in this sea of ignorance. One point of light is the President of the Illinois Sherriff's Assoc. who supports the measure.

All Illinois residents need to contact not only their State Senators and Representatives, but also their County Police Chief and ask them to support this measure.

Thanks to the Champaign County Rifle Assoc. GSL Daily Blog for the info.

Petey's Powderhorn has more.


Petey said...

Give credit to the President of the IL Sheriff's Assoc. Henry County Sheriff Gib Cady.

As a Henry County resident, I am glad that our county sheriff actually looks at the facts and makes an informed decision and is going to push his organization to support the measure.

But like I said when I blogged about this, we still have to overcome the bad districting of both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

Where does Gov. Quinn stand on CCW?

Thirdpower said...

God knows. I've heard some comments that he's more supportive than Blago on firearms but that could be like saying 1 is greater than 0

AztecRed said...

"He said it would change officers’ approach to an individual because of the potential of them carrying a handgun.


Chief Victor Moreno must not have very much experience in law enforcement. The biggest mistake a police officer can make is assuming that someone isn't carrying a handgun.

Anonymous said...

Markie Marxist sez: "It's true that the threat to law enforcement would be enormous and handguns carried for protection could be taken away by criminals, because we Marxists can tell blatant lies that fly in the face of empirical evidence to the contrary and get away with it. We can piss in gun owners' faces and tell them it's raining, no problem. Our friends in the media will cover for us. Oh, and by the way, the forecast is for more rain! Ha! Ha! All your weather is belong to us!"

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd mention that today is the 1 year anniversary of the Lane Bryant incident. If thats not a prime example of LTC, I don't know what is.

Police less than 2 minutes response from the 911 call and less than 200 yards away from the escaping murderer. (Feb 10 th comment),020209-lb-timeline.article

If you can grab a phone for 911 you can grab a 1911.

$100.000 reward and the killer is still free.

me said...

Uh, are they that stupid, or do they think themselves to be the final source of information? NOT ONCE have any of their hysterics ever come to be yet the needle keeps skipping....or for the young folks the CD skips...or for the even YOUNGER folks your ipod freezes and the same line of BS flows forth endlessly.

It's like they heard the one about repeating a lie enough, but how can they keep a straight face when pushing this trash?

$1 trillion to the first scientist who can identify and eliminate this trait from humanity.