Monday, February 2, 2009

O-Day+13: "Wording Details"

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama said Monday that "very modest differences" over a massive package to revive the economy should not delay its swift passage,
Just like he supported an anti-gun bill that was so vague that it banned single-shot and Dbl Barrel Shotguns w/ the dismissal of it being "minor wording details".

If the 'very modest differences' in the stimulus bill contain the same level of "minor wording details" as the gun bills he wanted 'swift passage' of, the US economy will collapse w/i weeks.

Holder is confirmed.

Gregg is nominated for Commerce Secretary w/ an apparent deal to keep the seat (R).


alan said...

But it's only minor word details when it's THEIR bill they want passed.

When the republicans tried to do that they were racist assholes who were destroying the country.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, the details are so "minor" that every single Republican voted against it.